Connect with the great outdoors & protect the planet

A cheaper, easier and greener way of enjoying Snowdonia from London

Weekend transport from London to Snowdonia and back for £50

Transport, accommodation and guiding options

Offset and low emission transport, plus half of all profits donated to environmental causes

How it works

Your own environmentally-friendly car-free adventure weekend with Via Outdoors:

London to Snowdonia cheap without a car

Cheap and green travel from London to Snowdonia on a Friday evening, returning on Sunday evening

Plus transport throughout the weekend

All for just £50 and carbon offset

Your choice of accommodation:

  • Camping

  • Hostel

  • B&B

Or arrange your own

London to Snowdonia cheap without a car

Your choice of highly qualified guides and instructors:

  • Mountaineering

  • Climbing

  • Kayaking

  • Many more...

Or have your own adventure