A social enterprise to connect you with the great outdoors and protect the planet

About Via Outdoors


There is a large body of research that shows that spending time in nature improves mental wellbeing, physical health and makes you care more for the environment.

We face a climate crisis and are in the midst of a great extinction.

We believe that if people spent more time in nature and appreciated its wonders, they'd be more likely to act to reduce their own footprints. That's why we offer easy, affordable trips to the great outdoors.

For more information about how we're working with our customers to help the planet, please click here.

Helping to protect the planet

Everything we do is designed to help save our environment:

  • Connecting you with nature to inspire you to protect it, especially if you don't have a car

  • We chose minibus transport because they have the lowest emissions per person

  • Offsetting all our emissions through accredited schemes

  • As a social enterprise, we donate the majority of our profits to rewilding schemes that sequester greenhouse gases and make nature more natural

For more info, please contact us or see our impact page.

The Team

We are Al and Jack.

We both have a shared love of the outdoors and founded this social enterprise as a way to share this with others, improve well-being and protect the environment.