Frequently asked questions

What's included in these trips?

For the basic price (from £50), we take you from central London on a Friday evening (6pm) to your choice of accommodation in Snowdonia, and back again on Sunday evening. We also through in round-robin transport from your accommodation to your choice of location and back again, every morning and evening. We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible to get to the great outdoors, so we can also arrange accommodation, food, kit and guiding as optional extras. This page gives you all that information. Our Terms and Conditions include more details too.

What does a usual weekend look like?

How your weekend pans out is up to you - we make it possible for you to have your own adventure. But this might help give you some ideas: Friday 6.30 pm - Meet at central London location and drive to Snowdonia National Park. 11pm - Drop off people at their campsites and B&Bs, and drive to the communal bunkhouse. ​​ Saturday 7am - We'll cook breakfast in the bunkhouse, arrange your packed lunches and help you plan your adventure for the day. 8am-10am - We'll collect you from your accommodation and take you to your starting point. 10am-5pm - With some groups climbing, others walking, one of our qualified Mountain Leaders may take you up one of Snowdonia's magnificent scrambles: Crib Goch 5pm-6pm - The reverse of the morning, driving you from your collection point back to the accommodation 7pm - If you're in the bunkhouse, we'll have a hearty and delicious vegetarian meal ready to go by the time you've showered, to help you recover from a day's adventuring Sunday The same as Saturday, except that we'll aim to pick you up by 3pm for our return to London 8pm - return to London and the end of a great weekend of adventure!

I'm not as experienced in the outdoors - is this the right trip for me?

Absolutely! We'll work closely with you to make sure that you have everything you need, from accommodation and kit to routes and qualified guides. Why not take a look at what our Inclusive Package could offer you to help make that first step towards nature?

I'm experienced at mountaineering / climbing / paddling etc - is this the right trip for me?

Absolutely! We tailor each trip to you so that it's easy, affordable and inclusive. Have a look at these options to find out more.

Am I fit enough?

Yes - the outdoors is for everyone. Just let us know what your fitness level is, and we'll suggest routes and activities that are right for you.

How big is each group?

Our minibuses hold 14 people but from there it depends what people want to do. If you're joining one of our professional guides, a walking group will be fewer than 8 people, and climbing groups between 1 and 4, depending on the routes.

What kit do I need?

Don't worry - we'll send a suggested kit list out before the trip. We can also rent a lot of kit if you need it, and do get in touch if you want any more details.

So you're a social enterprise?

Yes, and proudly so! Our purpose is simple: to inspire people to cherish and protect the planet by connecting them with the outdoors. Being in nature is great for our physical and mental health, and the more we enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, the more we'll do to protect this wonderful and fragile planet. We do everything we can to make each trip easy, affordable and ethical. Our transport are minibuses from schools that need the extra money. We chose minibuses as well because they're lower polluters per passenger trip than cars, coaches and the west coast diesel trains, but we still offset every mile. All the food on our trips is vegetarian to minimise our environmental footprint and we'll happily tell you more about the beautiful natural environment we share. Finally, we reinvest the majority of profits into the local environment to help protect and restore it.