Easter Inspiration Newsletter

The weather this weekend looks great and the hills will be calling, but sadly we have to resist for the greater good. Just because we're staying at home doesn't mean that we have to forsake the outdoors completely!

In this edition:

  • Learning mountain skills under lockdown

  • Inspiration to keep us all motivated for our next adventures

  • Nature is recovering, but what else could you do to help?

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Navigating through self-isolation

Not getting lost is key to staying safe on the mountains but it's a bete noire for many. Why not use this time to brush up your skills? And yes, this can be done anywhere!

Where are you?

Where are you going?

What will you see along the way?

How long will it take?

What happens if you go to far?

  • In your garden or on your daily walk, try to following a bearing to the corner of a field etc and keep practicing to get more accurate

  • Need a map of your local area? Either invest in the OS app or be sneaky and get a free one from Bing maps

Help I'm soooo bored!

It's easy to forget out about the great outdoors and the adventures you had planned, but fortunately there's lots of great free content out there to keep you going!

We have two favourites: for a bit of fun, search "#BMCLockdown" on Instagram and maybe win some goodies!

Or for some bigger inspiration, the amazing Banff Mountain Film Festival is giving away many of this year's films for free, and this website has compiled the best free mountain videos from previous years too. Loads of choice, but if you're a climber, check out Silence, a film of Adam Ondra climbing the world's first 9c.

Save the world

Nature, it's said, is taking a well-earned rest from us all, but there's still more we can all do. This long weekend, why not help the planet a little?

This edition comes courtesy of The National Trust. First, the Trust and University of Derby recently launched their "Get Connected to Nature" report. A great report that inspired us at Via Outdoors. Their key finding is this:

"‘noticing nature’ and ‘nature connectedness’ are strongly linked to people taking conservation action"​

This doesn't mean that you need to go on big expeditions or study biology, but little things like going for walks, watching the sunrise and listening to bird song all help. They help us to appreciate the wonders of nature, realise how connected we all are with the planet, and inspire us to want to do our bit to protect it.

What can I do?

Learn from this research and take little steps to rewild your life with The National Trust or make a promise to nature. I'll be doing both of these things this weekend, and I'd love to hear how yours go too. ​

What about Via Outdoors?

Aww, we're glad you asked! Don't worry about us, we'll be back. We've just launched a new website and will be announcing a few new partnerships soon so please pass these newsletters on and keep following us on Instagram.

As soon as we're given the all-clear by the Government, we'll be back and we look forward to helping you all back into the wild.

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